Hi - I'm Niamh
(It's an Irish name that's pronounced "Neeve")
Shame, Fear, Anger and Soul-Destroying Stuckness
What's the commonality?

They don't belong in your life.

Misery and depression can go too.

At some point, you went from a courageous, fierce, awe-inspiring soul, unapologetically loving life to a fraction of the person you are capable of being. Maybe it happened when you were very young, but now you recognise that so much more is possible for you.

The problem is that you haven't found a way to pick yourself up. You don't know where to go, who to ask for help or how to begin again.

Know that you are not alone.

I believe you have the power to change your life at any moment. Yes, even when you feel nothing could be further from the truth.

I believe many men and women suffer in silence because they don't know how to ask for help.

I believe - most of all - that the most effective way to get your mojo back and a ton more self-love and enthusiasm is by transforming your mindset.

Hi! I’m Niamh and I work with clients to let go of stressful and limiting beliefs and behaviors and help them step into the true version of themselves, the one they were MEANT to be.

I used to believe that my life struggles were just something I had to accept. I’ve felt emotionally drained, physically exhausted and mentally unable to cope with what life threw my way.

And then I realized something: living that way was OPTIONAL. I looked around and noticed that some people were experiencing a much different version of life than I was - a version where they were truly thriving!

I committed to figuring out exactly how they were doing that.... because I thought to myself "why not me too?"

I decided that my life was too short to experience anything other than HAPPINESS, JOY and APPRECIATION as my primary experience.
It took a great deal of learning, inner work, courage, commitment and belief that I could create the experience I wanted.

But I slowly transformed and one day I looked back at where I had come from and I thought WOW! I give thanks every day for the person I have become!

The huge transformative factor to my success was doing mindset work. I also learned that the greatest personal growth bootcamp is becoming an entrepreneur. Stretching outside my comfort zone and "cliff jumping" became my new norm.  You can read my detailed story over on Facebook.

But why does any of what I’m sharing matter to you? Because I can help you.

I help men and women who are ready to step up, to dare greatly and commit FULLY to their dreams. Who doesn’t want happiness, pride in themselves and freedom? It’s our birthright!

YOU HAVE THE POWER to create the life you want!

It’s a mantra, a life choice and a decision you’re fully capable of making right now. You can stop feeling bad about every little thing that happens. You can choose to DO instead of defend. And once you do that, you’ll realize there is no limit to the glorious power you hold inside.

Ready to feel lit up? To have more confidence and energy?

I’m ready to help you stop dismissing your dreams and start living them.

I am an online transformational coach who works with ambitious, committed clients who want to RISE UP and transform any or all aspects of their lives using the power of mindset work and accountability to get them there. 

I have a particular passion for helping women to achieve personal and financial freedom doing what they love. 

My motto is “Life Begins At The End of Your Comfort Zone” so I love to challenge myself to do things that scare me. I always try to remember not to take myself too seriously. It helps! :-)

My other favorite mottos are "fail fast and fail forward" and "the only real failure is the failure to try."

I believe that where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way and that is why I recently set myself the audacious goal of completing an Ironman when I could barely run 5K! I understand the immense power of the mind and believe that we as humans completely underutilize this amazing internal support system.

Although I absolutely LOVE my work now, it wasn’t always this way. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel such passion for my work 20 years ago when I had an unfulfilling, sensible 9 -5 job at the U.N. in Geneva, creating I.T. programs and delivering live classes. I finally found the courage to leave that position behind me for good more than 13 years ago when I started my own educational consultancy company called Love To Learn, helping children with dyslexia to grow in self-confidence. Child development and dyslexia had been my main focus when I completed my Masters in Education in 2006.

In 2009, I discovered The Work of Byron Katie through a friend who was going through a traumatic life-experience and coping really well. She credited it to The Work and I quickly understood why. 

The Work is a simple process of identifying and questioning your stressful thoughts and discovering a much less stressful perspective in the process, not unlike cognitive based therapy. I had accumulated A LOT of stressful thoughts in my life and it was a fantastic discovery to realize that all the suffering that I had been causing myself was coming from inside my mind, not from an external event or person. I spent years questioning these thoughts and after 3 years of intense training, I became a certified facilitator of this process.

After taking 6 months off due to donating a kidney to my sister (probably the scariest thing I did in my life!), I decided to focus fully on The Work of Byron Katie. It wasn’t an easy decision to terminate “Love To Learn” but my new company “Manage With Clarity” quickly became my passion. I facilitated a lot of workshops locally sharing The Work with my local community.

The reality of the financial instability of entrepreneurship was affecting me however, so I hired a business coach to help. I was so impressed with the “what’s possible” attitude of this coach, that I then trained to become a coach. I wanted to focus on creating possibilities rather than staying stuck in fixing pain. I now believe that both areas are important.

In 2014, I lived in Nairobi for a year and delivered 20 live workshops on stress management to women from the Nairobi slums. They were some of my greatest teachers!

It’s been quite a journey as an entrepreneur, especially since I entered the world of online coaching in 2015. I made all the mistakes in the book and I love helping other online entrepreneurs to avoid them and to build their businesses faster.

My business is now simply called Niamh K. I am my brand. Freedom is an inside job and the way I show up now is a result of years of inner work. I LOVE to help others with that inner work too. 

I live in Coppet, Switzerland and my 3 children (the most important thing in my life!) and dog live between me and their dad who lives 20 minutes away.

I’m deeply passionate about sports - running, swimming and hiking mainly.. but I need to get on a bike again soon too to get triathlon ready!!

I also adore nature and can be found often running or walking in the forest, hugging the odd tree en route.

I gave up eating meat 2 years ago because it no longer felt aligned.

I’m an avid goal setter with a big vision.... and at the same time I love to laugh and remember not to take it all too seriously. Love, connection and good health is what brings us the most abundance.

Life is good, but I’m only just getting started!

How about you? Email me at niamh@niamhk.com and let me know what you are struggling with and what you would like to achieve.