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Ready to ditch the fear and procrastination and live the life you truly want?
Success, confidence, flow and joy is something we all want. But did you know you are the only one preventing yourself you from getting there?

Our TOTALLY EPIC life takes shape when we COMMIT to pursuing it – despite being uncomfortable or thinking we will disappoint others.

The fact is we can only be our best selves – partner, mother, friend, sister, employee or employer – when we put ourselves first.

I’m Niamh and I help people to stop apologizing for taking time to make their dreams come true by helping you see where you put yourself second, and sabotage what you want. It’s about building awareness, changing the way you think and making small, incremental changes in your behavior to create new habits.

Ready to find out how and stop doing that? 
Work With Me
 6-Month 1:1 TOTALLY Transformed Program 

I am soooooo excited to have recently launched my yearly membership program.

TOTALLY started late 2017 and it is already EPIC!

Not only is there lots of awesome training content, but the $175 per year or $17 per month investment is worth it for the private FB community. 

I seem to attract TOTALLY FABULOUS people :-).

The TOTALLY Mindset Reset Program [TMRP]

Have you got a dream or different idea about how your life should be?

Lack the confidence and know-how to go after it?

Feel like the life you truly want is out of reach?

I've been there and I know how it feels!

 TOTALLY Transformed 
 6-Month 1:1 TOTALLY Transformed Program 

The person that you ARE dictates the business and life you are leading.

If you KNOW that you can be, do and have so much more in your life and impact so many more people in your business, then TOTALLY Transformed is for you!

This is my HIGH-END program where I am DEDICATED to supporting you with RADICAL upleveling.

Are you ready to do what it takes to TOTALLY Transform Your Online Business and Your Life? Then message me on Facebook @niamhkromo and I'll share the details with you.

On Your Best LIfe

If you want to experience a new reality, it starts with you...on the inside. 

Your daily attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and behaviors are what are constantly moulding you. The life that you have now stems from there.

If you are ready to TOTALLY transform your reality, to let go of what is familiar and truly claim your BEST LIFE, then join me for TOTALLY ALL IN ON YOUR BEST LIFE.

What Others Had To Say
What Others Had To Say
Dear Niamh, thank you so much for today’s session, for caring and for pushing me out of my comfort zone, I have been in there far too long. I just received confirmation for a 10 session programme, my biggest offering so far!! The Universe starts to respond to my request and to my courage. Isn’t it wonderful! …You are such a gift and I am so grateful. I just said out loud “thank you” to the Universe. I think it has been pushing me for so long but it takes what it takes…
-Ann, Switzerland
On my first appointment with Niamh I had only one thing clear: what I did not want anymore. I just had a taste of what I wanted in my life, but did not have a clue about how to realize it. Niamh helped me to put light on my path. We had only four sessions and thanks to her wisdom I could start a new chapter which seemed impossible!!
I felt so motivated by her, and on the right track!! She was so inspiring!! Thank you for helping me to connect with my DESIRE and to understand that a strong desire produces a strong result!! From the beginning we built a strong mind set where “the sky is the limit”. Niamh also created the space to work on my fears, shadows and limiting beliefs. In only one month I feel renewed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
-Catalina Saffon, Geneva
I just so love the way Niamh works with me – her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. She doesn’t hold back nor does she ‘cross the line’…..Niamh’s ability to focus is quite powerful – it’s like she’s totally ‘there’, with you and helping you hold it like a laser beam…. Whilst working with her, I felt I was the centre of her universe… such is her focus.
Generous, humorous, warm, fearless. This woman’s clarity is masterful…. Niamh seems to intuitively grasp the essence of your situation/emotions. Working with her is so immediate that I recognise my ‘patterns’ more easily, the misguided thoughts that I was believing. I cannot recommend Niamh highly enough. I am so grateful to have had the experience of working her.

-Amanda Richardson, London
I will use a metaphor for my experience working with Niamh: I am a captain of a big boat out on the ocean fighting against the wind, the waves, storms and nature in general. In the sessions with Niamh she is like a pilot boat bringing the ship into a safe harbor. Once in the peaceful harbor Niamh explains to the captain how to use the wind and the waves to sail in freedom instead of fighting against and resisting elements we cannot change and being their victim (basically the elements being other people or situations which make or made us suffer). Furthermore she helps the captain to find anything on board which keeps the ship from sailing freely and to toss it overboard (e.g. anger, fear, resentment, old beliefs).
As a result of working with Niamh, I am able to “sail” towards new destinations with an open mind and in peace. I stopped projecting any terrible future scenarios but am open and equipped to encounter whatever the future brings.

-Angela, Basel, Switzerland
Niamh, Thank you for your Honesty, helping me see the REALITY, thanks for your patience, and letting me see the thoughts are just that- thoughts.
-Eddie Martinez, Germany