Imagine what it would feel like to ... get really clear about what YOUR TOTALLY THRIVING LIFE AND BUSINESS would feel like to you... and then.... to actually CREATE IT?

Imagine what it would feel like to ... have a STRUCTURED MORNING PRACTICE that sets you up for an awesome day, one that you CONSCIOUSLY CREATE?

Imagine what it would feel like to... have a positive, strong, courageous and determined MINDSET to make anything you want to create HAPPEN?

Imagine what it would feel like to... make HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES and have a FITNESS ROUTINE that you ENJOY and feel PROUD of?

Imagine what it would feel like to... learn all you need to know about setting up and running an online business that gives you FINANCIAL FREEDOM and which you can operate from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD?

Imagine what it would feel like to... have a TOTALLY AWESOME RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF firstly and then with others?

Imagine what it would feel like to ... feel SPIRITUALLY CONNECTED and understand what "CO-CREATING with the Universe" as opposed to "solo-creating" means and how it works.

Well... you TOTALLY can!
TOTALLY is my exclusive online membership program that will help you make it all happen!

You've just got to CLAIM THEM.

You are the one who creates the life you want.
It's in your hands.... noone elses...

But guidance is an essential part of that journey.

I know that you are ready for change.

I know that you want to create the "MORE" that you know is possible for you.

That's why I created TOTALLY.
TOTALLY is a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all striving to create and live a life of FREEDOM, FLOW and ABUNDANCE and who desire to have a POWERFUL impact in the world.
I'm on a mission to help people like you to live your best life and run a thriving business.

When we are living our best lives, we feel HIGH VIBE , UNSTOPPABLE and BADASS..and we easily manifest our vision.. and there is a space like that with your name on it, when you decide to step into it!

It comes from feeling fulfilled, empowered, confident and connected.

Feeling fulfilled and confident comes from INNER WORK and doing something you LOVE.

It comes from taking RESPONSIBILITY for your life and steering it in the direction you want to go.

I love to help people to create a life and business that feels good for them... in EVERY WAY!

That's why inside TOTALLY, you can get started immediately with pre-recorded core-trainings on topics in all the important areas of your life....with daily tips and support and live weekly trainings every Friday.

I'm ready to help you TOTALLY change your world.

Are You Ready, Too?
I'm Niamh and I'm your host!

I'm a very, very (seriously very) ordinary woman... who decided to become EXTRAORDINARY.

I DECIDED that I wanted to impact the world on a massive scale.

I knew I had no special gifts or talents. I knew I had lots of flaws (I'm so human!).

But I also knew something really, really important...

All change happens with one simple DECISION.

I DECIDED to make that decision.

The decision to lead a tribe of AWESOME people on a similar path... a community of people... people that want to have an impact and make a difference in this world!

If you are still reading this.. then I have a feeling that you might be a great fit for the community I am building...
If you are DONE....

Done with mediocre.
Done with beige.
Done with blah blah.
Done with complying.
Done with complacency.
Done with fear holding you back.
Done with mundane-ness.
Done with cluelessness.
Done with boredom.
Done with being a doormat.
Done with feeling lost.
Done with feeling scared.
Done with feeling frustrated.
Done with tolerating b.s.
Done with undermining yourself.
Done with not taking care of yourself.
Done with your excuses.
Done with putting anyone else first.
Done with shame.
Done with guilt.
Done with disappointment.
Done with loneliness.
Done with confusion.
Done with lack of direction.
Done with...
Done with...
Done with...

If you are feeling this...
Then you've TOTALLY got to join us!
TOTALLY is a low-priced, high value membership program where I show up EVERY WEEK DAY to support you!
Inside TOTALLY, there is a daily structure that you can choose to follow. 
We know that there are no quick fixes.

We know that cultivating positive habits through daily commitment in our lives is what counts.

That's why there is a "Core Practice" section.

But I delive DAILY tips and WEEKLY LIVE TRAININGS on each of our CORE THEMES TOO!!

Here Are The Areas That I Share On:

It's who we ARE/what we BECOME that determines our external reality.

Decide what reality you want and then identify what the person living that reality would be, do and have.

Then practice being that person through your own personal core daily practice.

Your MINDSET dictates your money flow.

Whatever financial reality you are experiencing, I guarantee you that it's directly related to your money mindset.

If you want to change your financial reality, then change your money mindset... with weekly reminders each Monday.

The food we eat and the exercise we do impacts our bodies and our minds enormously!

Inside TOTALLY, I will be sharing all my tips (and calling on the occasional expert) on how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle... for about 80% of the time. A life completely without wine and chocolate is not one I'm currently interested in :-).

If you are interested in creating an online business FROM THE HEART and you are prepared to TRUST that the money comes from YOU being YOU.. with some strategy thrown in... then you will love the online business trainings I will share!

How connected you feel with yourself is ultimately what drives all your relationships.

So I focus massively on SELF-LOVE.

But, there will inevitably be people in your life who trigger you too. What if you decided that those people were your greatest teachers?

You are not alone on this life journey!

If you want to start or deepen your spiritual practice, my weekly spiritual trainings is a great place to make that happen!

On Fridays, I will share about co-creating with the Universe... and I will RAVE about meditation!

You will have lifetime access to the weekly trainings, as long as you are a member of TOTALLY and you will be able to access them always via the online content portal.
If this is speaking to you, then sign up NOW for the ridiculously low price of just $17 PER MONTH or a one time payment of $175 per year!!!
(This low price available for a limited time only!!)

Yes, you read it right :-).

For just $17 per month, you will have access to all of these trainings AND a phenomenally awesome community.. 
Hurry up! If you want to get in at this super low price, NOW IS YOUR TIME to sign up!
The price will continue to increase with the ever-increasing amount of trainings and support I add.
You owe it to yourself and to your TOTALLY awesome future that you are about to create to commit to joining a fabulous community who I consider FAMILY!
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